War & Reconstruction

History of Time Period

The Ordinance of Secession was signed in Tallahassee on January 11, 1861. Many great leaders of the state were opposed to the war, but were Southerners first and fought with the homeland. Florida’s most effective contribution to the cause was food, as the rav­ages of war came no closer to the capital city than twenty miles south.

It was here at Natural Bridge that a small group of old men and cadets from West Florida Seminary (now Florida State University) successfully defended the capital against attack. It was this heroic effort that distinguished Tallahassee as the only Southern Capital east of the Missis­sippi River not to fall to the Union Army. It was only two months later, however, that the union leaders returned in victory and raised the Stars and Stripes again over the Capitol, and sent couriers into the countryside to advise the slaves they were now free.

The growth of the state moved southward. Tallahassee’s main industry was State Government, agriculture, and education. The economy was sound and by the end of the century Tal­lahassee stood on a firm foundation.

War & Reconstruction Krewe Chief- Brady Squires

Brady Squires was raised in Madison, FL before moving to Tallahassee to attend college.  Brady received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Finance and Marketing from Florida State University. Brady is now Vice President at Merrill Lynch where he practices as a Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Management Advisor.


Brady joined Springtime Tallahassee in 2011 with the War and Reconstruction Krewe. He served as Assistant Float Chair, Float Chair, Major Party Chair, and Assistant Krewe Chief before taking on the new responsibility of Krewe Chief. He joined the Andrew Jackson Staff in 2016.


Brady has two wonderful daughters that attend Desoto Trail Elementary School. They help in assisting their Daddy with his Springtime responsibilities. Brady’s interests include family, friends, fishing, boating, hunting, anything outdoors, and FSU sports. Brady has selected the Epilepsy Association of the Big Bend as his Krewe charity for the year. He looks forward to a fantastic year as we celebrate Springtime Tallahassee’s 50th Anniversary!