Antebellum Statehood

History of Time Period

The people of Florida agreed to undertake the responsibilities of state­hood in 1837. Governor Richard Keith Call was a strong advocate of statehood and the vote in favor was by a substantial majority.

The Constitutional Convention was held in St. Joseph (now Port St. Joe) and on January 11, 1839, the constitution was adopted and sent to con­gress for admission into the union. It was a long wait, but on March 3, 1845, Florida became the 27th State with a population of 66,500. Middle Florida, as this area came to be known, prospered. The town enjoyed social and political development during this period. Even the nephew of Napoleon, Prince Achille Murat, and his wife the grandniece of George Washington settled on a plantation and became prominent citizens of this community. The stability of the community was in agriculture, as large and small landholders worked side by side. It was here the American dream flourished . . . “That by hard work and diligence, any man could make a fortune.”

Antebellum Krewe Chief- Jodie Turner

Jodie was born and raised in Perry, Florida and moved to Tallahassee to attend Florida State University. She received a degree in Sociology and then later earned a degree in Elementary Education. Jodie has taught for 19 years and is currently teaching 3rd grade at Chaires Elementary School. Chris was also born and raised in Perry. He received a technical degree in air-conditioning. Chris is employed at Engineered Cooling where he is the General Manager.


Chris and Jodie met in pre-school and grew up together. They would later marry in 2001 and move to Tallahassee.  They have two boys. Their oldest is currently attending Tallahassee Community College and is employed at the Tallahassee Magnetic Lab.  Their youngest is a freshman at Lincoln High School. He is a member of a travel soccer team and hopes to be a Trojan soccer player.


Chris and Jodie joined Springtime Tallahassee as members of the Antebellum Krewe in 2014. Jodie has served as a Major Party Chair and is now serving as the Antebellum Krewe Chief. They chose the Florida Baptist Children’s Home as their charity. They are looking forward to another awesome year in Springtime and serving the community through this wonderful organization. #iHeartTally