20th Century

History of Time Period

The time from 1900 until 1999 has seen Tallahassee come from a sleepy southern town to a bold and progressive metropolitan area.  State Government is still the primary industry, but education plays a very important role in the city’s economy.  The Florida State Flag as we know it today was ratified in 1900, the orange blossom was designated the State Flower in 1909, the Mockingbird was named State Bird in 1927, and since 1935 we’ve all sung Suwannee River with the special reverence of a State Song.  A governor’s mansion was built in 1905 that one razed, and the present one built in 1957.  The population of the state has grown by leaps and bounds and thus state government has grown to keep the pace.

Tallahassee is now the seat of learning for two major universities, a junior college, a vocational school, six tax supported high schools, and several private schools.  Agriculture, timber, and cattle take an important seat in the economical structure of the community.  Beauty still abounds. The people are aware and concerned about their heritage, they are friendly and still bear signs of the Southern charm read about in romantic novels … and the love affair continues.

20th Century Krewe Chief- Pat Crowley

Patrick Crowley and his wife, Connie, are marking their fourth year as members of Springtime Tallahassee and the 20th Century Krewe. On July 1, 2016, Pat joined Andrew Jackson Staff as a first lieutenant and Connie joined Rachel Staff. In addition, Pat served the 20th Century Krewe as treasurer for two years. Both Pat and Connie have taking part in parades, volunteered their time for float construction and have hosted krewe parties at their home. Pat serves as vice president for Advancement Relations at the Florida State University Foundation and Connie is the director of Human Resources at C.W. Roberts Contracting. The couple enjoys exploring north Florida by foot and kayak and spending time with their six-year-old granddaughter.