The Krewes

The Five Historical Krewes

Within Springtime Tallahassee there are Krewes, each represent the five historical time periods of our state’s history: Spanish (1528-1821), American Territorial (1821-1845), Antebellum Statehood (1845-1861), War and Reconstruction (1861-1900), and Twentieth Century (1900-1999).
Each Krewe elects a Krewe Chief and other officers it deems necessary. Throughout the year, each Krewe meets monthly.  The Krewe develops a closeness and camaraderie among members. Each Krewe is responsible for organizing one of the major parties held throughout the year. Every year the Krewes rotate the parties for which they are responsible.

Each Krewe has studied its historical period and has developed representative costumes of the era.

Krewe costumes are customarily worn at the Twelfth Night Ball in January, where a dramatic presentation commemorating Andrew Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans is conducted, and during the festival weekend at the Springtime Tallahassee Grand Parade.