Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

To promote the rich history of our community, Springtime Tallahassee annually selects two members to portray Andrew Jackson and his wife, Rachel. They serve, together with the President and the General Chairman, as representatives of the organization. Andrew Jackson was chosen as a representative of Springtime Tallahassee because of his service to Florida as the first provisional governor in 1821. He later became the seventh President of the United States.

The Andrew Jackson Staff is composed of members of the five Krewes, having been selected by each Krewe for a five-year active term. The Staff is a marching unit and participates not only in the Springtime Parade, but also in a number of festivals elsewhere in Florida and other states. Selected by members of the Staff annually, Jackson and his Rachel serve in a ceremonial capacity during such term.

The Andrew Jackson Staff is a separate unit within Springtime Tallahassee, much like a sixth krewe. Its members are all Springtime members but it selects its officers, holds social functions throughout the year, and has a monthly meeting. Although not a requirement, most Staff members have served as krewe chief at the time of their election to Staff.

The Andrew Jackson Staff serves as a support team to the Springtime member
selected as Andrew Jackson. In addition to the social functions, Staff has other major projects each year which includes putting on the Breakfast in the Park, and it hosts the Andrew Jackson Brunch for members and out of town guests the day after the Springtime Parade.

Staff is composed of five active members from each krewe, who are elected by their respective krewes to staggered 5 year terms. The Staff members are divided into two groups: Scouts, who wear buckskin costumes, and Continental Soldiers, who wear military style uniforms. After five years of active service, a member moves to reserve status for five years, after which he advances to retired status for as long as he remains a member of Springtime.

Andrew Jackson XLVI and Rachel

Rob & Bonnie Fisher

Andrew Jackson XLVI and his Rachel, Rob and Bonnie Fisher are honored to be representing Springtime Tallahassee for its 50th Anniversary.

Rob and Bonnie joined Springtime Tallahassee in 2003 and jumped in with both feet. Rob and Bonnie are members of the Antebellum Statehood Krewe.  Rob has served as Krewe Chief of the Antebellum Statehood Krewe and has also served on the Andrew Jackson Executive Staff for five AJs including as Chief of Staff. Bonnie got started by volunteering in the office and either assisted or chaired the Springtime Tallahassee Jubilee for 8 years during which time she enjoyed working with all the venders participating in the Jubilee. Bonnie was the first recipient of The Betty McCord and Jean Rich Murray Volunteer of the Year Award in 2006. Bonnie is a past General Chairman, served as Rachel’s Chief of Staff and as Krewe Chief of Antebellum Statehood Krewe.

One of Rob and Bonnie biggest pleasure is traveling to the different festivals and making new friends while promoting Springtime Tallahassee.


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The Opening of the Call-Collins House at The Grove

Set atop a commanding hill, surrounded by towering magnolias and sprawling live oaks, stands the Call-Collins House at The Grove – the gem of Tallahassee’s antebellum homes. The Florida Department of State, Division of Historical Resources, is in the final stages of a complete restoration and historic rehabilitation of the property.

Once finished and open to the public in the fall of 2014, the site will feature immersive educational exhibits on all three floors of the home and throughout the expansive 10-acre grounds. The house and grounds will also provide ample space for events, weddings, conferences, meetings, and other special occasions that evoke the legacy of dedicated public service embodied by the people who worked tirelessly to preserve this place for future generations.

You can join in the effort to preserve this landmark historic site and help continue the legacy of the Call and Collins families. Contact to learn more about how to support and become involved in this important project.

Visit to learn more about the history of this remarkable place.


C025695: Delegation from the Seminole Tribe at The Grove, 1956